Antique Umbrella, tortoiseshell, lace, 19th century

Antique Umbrella whose handle is blonde tortoise shell on the lower part and blonde horn on the upper part. In the middle of the nineteenth century the sleeves of umbrellas are often ivory or bone, but rarely in tortoiseshell and even more rarely in blonde Tortoise shell. Decorated with a silver monogram. The canvas is silk and beautiful needlepoint lace. A silver ring allows to fold the umbrella in two to store it. The entire umbrella is about 26,77″ long, about 19,68″ in diameter, and 14,56″ long when folded in half. The diameter of the handle in blonde scale is 1,18″ on the lowest part and 0,78″ to 0,51″ in diameter on the rest of the handle. This umbrella is in excellent condition and can be used.
France, circa 1860.

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