Palais Royal, Antique Travel Case, Sewing, Writing

Palais royal, Paris. Rare antique travel box containing various sewing, writing and toiletry items. The box is in burl wood marked on a mother-of-pearl plate with the first name Pauline and adorned with a studded decoration. It contains 17 items out of the 19 planned locations (a small pair of scissors and another missing item). The elements are those of origin and correspond to the planned locations, the 6 elements devoted to sewing are marked with the thought used by the Palais Royal boutique in Paris in the 1820s / 1830s. The lids of the goblets are in silver and mother-of-pearl , the caps of the bottles  are silver. The box measures 9,64 inches wide, 6,89 inches deep and 3,34 inches high. the whole is in very good condition, the small mirror and two elements mentioned above are missing, the silk ribbons on the sides allowing the tray containing the elements to be lifted have been changed. Paris, circa 1820/1830.

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