Antique French Palais Royal writing set, Paris circa 1820

Antique French Palais Royal writng set. In a leather box, whose interior is velvet and is adorned with its small mirror. It contains two inkwells, a pen and a paper cutter in vermeil and mother-of-pearl and a metal and mother-of-pearl wax seal. The pen and the small paper cup are decorated with the “pensée”  which was the mark from the shops of the Palais Royal in Paris at the beginning of the XIXe century. The box is 4,45″ long and 2,44″ wide. The pen measures 3,34″ long, the paper cut 3,97″ and the stamp 1,81″. the whole is in good condition, the box may have had a hinge that would be absent? France, Paris, circa 1820.

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