French sewing kit, Palais Royal Paris, 1810

French sewing and embroidery kit. Rare box containing various sewing instruments dedicated to sewing and personal care. Several mother-of-pearl elements are adorned with the small gold enameled pansy which characterizes the objects sold in the shops of the Palais Royal in Paris in the 1810s / 1830s. The cap of the scent bottle is in vermeil (silver covered with gold). On the right a reel and needle holder to be attached to the edge of a table. In addition to the traditional elements, there is also an ear and nail cure in mother of pearl and tortoiseshell. Note a small lack on one of the two ” reels stars” wire holder, a small piece missing on the element placed in front of the knife, and two discreet restorations on the marquetry on the side of the box. The set is however complete and in very good condition. the interior is in velvet and silk. the exterior is rosewood veneer with a stunning studded decor on top. The box measures 9,05 inches X 6,69 inches and 3,34 inches high. France, Paris, circa 1810.

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