Antique Chinese Fan, 19th Century

Antique Chinese Fan.  The double leaf is made of paper, it is painted with gouache and is decorated on the first side with 54 characters with ivory heads and cut and glued silk clothes. On the reverse, the sheet is painted with five cartels. Two are decorated with figures with ivory heads and silk clothing, two are finely painted with riverside landscapes and the central cartel is painted with birds and flowers. Superb frame with alternating strands in mother-of-pearl, natural ivory, red-tinted ivory, sandalwood, and filigree silver. They are engraved with characters and pagodas, those in filigree silver are adorned with green and blue enameled flowers. The guard sticks are in gilded metal also decorated in relief. It measures 11,41 inches long closed and 21,65 inches cm in diameter. China, for export to Europe, circa 1860 / 1880.

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