Cane “Charlotte Corday”, Folk Art, French Revolution

Cane “Charlotte Corday” cane. Rare authentic cane of the late eighteenth century. It is carved with the effigy of Charlotte Corday (Marie Anne Charlotte of Corday d’Armont 1768/1793), great figure of the French Revolution, famous for having murdered Jean-Paul Marat on July 13, 1793. After her execution on July 17 1793, she is adored by some who sees her as a liberator and hated by others who sees her as a murderer. This cane that belonged to an admirer, is thicker on the upper part and adorned with a nail on the top to the front, it looks like a club and probably allowed his owner to fight with his opponents political . Incredible testimony of this troubled time, this cane is in relatively good condition, however there is a crack on the face (visible in the photos) and the absence of ferrule. It is 33,86″ long. France, about 1793.

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